Friday, January 30, 2009

Weak sauce

I was doing the dishes today (because the situation in our kitchen was getting a bit dire) and I cut my finger in two places. The weird thing is that it wasn't on a knife or any other utensil. It wasn't even on a broken dish. It was on food. I want you all to picture the least dangerous food you can think of. What cut me? Spaghetti sauce.That's right, spaghetti sauce. I tried to open an empty jar of spaghetti sauce so I could rinse it out and the sauce around the mouth of the jar had hardened to form jagged razor-sharp crusts, two of which cut me when I tried to open the jar. I have learned my lesson and will never do the dishes again. Or I suppose the other take away message might be to not leave old jars by the sink for weeks on end.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I hardly knew ye

First things first -Optimistic.'s beard is coming in nicely and no longer looks as though he simply hasn't shaved in a bit. I took a picture of just his beard but it looked silly without the rest of his face in it so I took a second one without telling him that his face would be seen.

Second things second -Yesterday was the two year mark for the floss being tied around my pinky and I decided to take it off. Most of the time I didn't even notice it was there, but I felt it wouldn't be wise to leave it on any longer. I am very well aware that no one cares about the floss in the slightest, but I captured the whole process and will post the pictures here.
Notice if you can that when the floss is moved away from my finger there's a red line running around it where the floss is.

This is when it had actually been cut.

Me pretending to be sad. Notice the lip.

In this one you can see the dent it left in my finger. I think it will fade over time and won't be permanent, but if it is I will have a great lie to tell when playing two truths and a lie about how it got chopped off in a freak accident and had to be reattached.