Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ode to an 18-month-old

Things on my kitchen floor that don't belong there:

1. wagon wheel apple slicer
2. pair of slipper shoes
3. pink plastic necklace
4. Roomba spinner brush that keeps detaching itself
5. bike helmet
6. orange kazoo
7. one red Elmo shoe, size 5.5
8. one sandal, size 9
9. 1/2 of an Ikea train track bridge. Possibly the going up side. Possibly the going down side.
10. messenger bag
11. combination pen/stylus that was behind a closed door and yet ended up behind the fridge
13. dish brush
14. booster seat tray
15. silver Sharpie
16. two wooden spoons
17. three plastic cups
18. the lid to the trash can
19. an apron
20. pink plastic dreidel
21. a rubber ear
22. outdated Home Teaching assignment slip
23. list of plants we plan on planting in our potential garden
24. lid to a cottage cheese container with something decidedly not cottage cheese on it
25. lid to a baby food container
26. Food bits. So many food bits.

Bonus items that Edie got out and placed on the floor in the minute it took me to write down this list:

27. bottle drying rack
28. one dish towel (she grabbed for more and was restrained)