Friday, June 23, 2017

The Oregon Part, Part II (July)

July 1st everyone came over for a little BBQ and cake for Maranda's birthday, as well as to celebrate Canada Day.

I had everyone sign my Canada Day banner, of course. This was its 11th year, so it might be time to make a new one.

There was much baby-hogging of Alexis' new little girl.

 As always, the sand box saw a lot of action.

And until she actually played in one, I had been thinking about building a sand box for Edie.

Ben made Uncle Jon hang a paper bag in the tree as a pinata. I believe it was filled with paper cups.

One night we all went down to the park and played on the swings.

Andy and Ben took turns swinging with Uncle Fletcher, who would swing at crazy angles that I thought would give me a heart attack. When Dad showed up at the park Andy pointed to Fletcher and said something along the lines of "You've got to try this guy!" like Fletcher was a ride.

A sibling picture because I think everyone was going their separate ways starting that day or the next. 

Edie playing Legos with cousins.

And we all went bowling. I thought we had a good time, but either I'm remembering wrong or Jon and Fletcher are pulling an American Gothic.

Phew, that's the end. Now I can post pictures from my upcoming trips with a clear conscience.

The Oregon Part, Part I (June)

Oh mercy, it's been a year and this is just now going up. Let's see what I even remember about this trip.

There was much hanging out in the backyard around the new sand box.

Edie enjoyed seeing her Lee cousins this trip.

 Grams saved up all her quarters and let the grandkids divvy them up. In this picture they are fighting over the lone nickel they found.

Putting Edie to bed was tricky. Without a pack 'n' play all I could do was put her in my bed at her normal bedtime, close the door, let her tire herself out, and hope she was still in the bed when she fell asleep. I was worried she'd fall off the bed, and one time she did. I had to share the bed with her and it turns out she grinds her teeth.

Edie pushed Simon around in the stroller when we went to OMSI, even though they are roughly the same size.

Once we found the water room Edie never wanted to leave. It's all we did the whole time we were there.

There was a sign on the wall saying, hey adults, these green aprons are for you, so I put one on and I was mistaken for an employee several times. A lot of parents left their kids there alone, perhaps thinking I was there to watch all the kids. So I ended up helping kids tie their aprons and find missing shoes. I redistributed the toys and balls, and repeatedly stopped one little girl from drinking the water.

WINCO, oh sweet WINCO how I've missed you. Fletcher and I went to the movies to see...I don't even remember (I looked it up, it was Finding Dory) and went on a midnight WINCO run afterward. The package of jumbo straws was for Ben, who needed straws to build something he had thought up.