Friday, May 29, 2009

Somebody, anybody, put me to use

I've been meaning to post and end the lull in blogging, but so much has happened in the past month I'd never be able to do it justice. In short, we've taken two trips to Portland -one for a week and the other for a weekend- and just Wednesday we went to the MTC to see Matt off on his mission to Salt Lake. Next weekend we're going to Las Vegas for Optimistic.'s Grandpa's 80th birthday. After that we should be done with traveling for a while until we go home again in August. The biggest news with me is that I am unemployed. Despite needing a job for these last six months I have found absolutely nothing, so if you hear of anything, let me know.The following is a list of things I wish I could put on my resume somewhere:

-I can make anything out of cardboard
-I can defuse any situation with humor
-I know how to make playdough
-Winner of best Halloween costume 2006 -dressed as a ham
-Winner of best Halloween costume 2007 -dressed as a side-by-side refrigerator
-I personally made all but two of my sister's art projects during her entire High School career
-Skit writer and ode composer for YW Girl's Camps 1998-2004
-I successfully planned for and hosted The Moppies (a formal award show for Facility Services staff) for two consecutive years
-I make delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
-I know what "cheddar" is slang for
-Fact: I never show up late to anything
-Further fact: I never do a second rate job on anything
-Biggest fact of all: I'm awesome at everything I do and somebody out there should give me a job