Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fresh butter

I woke up literally seconds ago, and this is the earthshatteringly good idea I just had. Why no one has never thought of it before now amazes me. Ready? A winter wedding where instead of it being all winter wonderlandy the dress code is Christmas sweaters. Clearly I am a genius. This ranks up there with the time I thought I could turn an empty mascara tube into a portable butter churn, because, you know, who wouldn't love to have fresh butter available to them at all times? The only difference between the two ideas is that shamefully I was wide awake when I invented the miniature butter churn.

P.S. I could not find any Christmas sweater wedding dresses. Perhaps a more intensive google search is in order.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mucus free since 2:53

Thursday night I started a nasty cold. Finals started on Friday, so I fit them in between blowing my nose, wearing my pajamas, and drinking a lot of water. Today I took two finals and I am done. Sweet freedom until the Fall!

I also shot and edited my final fiction film for TMA 185 in under 24 hours. Optimistic. appears as a cowboy, Spinelli is the office love interest for my protagonist, and a lot of classmates and friends came through for me by acting, running sound, and providing costumes and props.

Despite being sick I went to church on Sunday because I missed last week when I made the mistake of eating year old Easter candy which resulted in something of an upset stomach. Stupid malt eggs. Stupid delicious jelly beans.

A few days ago we decided to order a pizza, so I called it in under my name and later we went to pick it up. When the pizza guy went into the back to get it he came back empty handed asking if there was a first name that went with the order, and I had to respond that the name I'd given him was my first name. People ask me that all the time and it never ceases to bother me. We described the order and he came back with it saying it had been under the name Merrill, which is not even close to my name. I was stuffed up when I called in and things had sounded fairly noisy on their end, but seriously, how did they get "Merrill" out of "Genuine"? If you've seen the show How I Met Your Mother it's like the time Barney's coffee order had "Swarley" written on it, so they called him names like Swarles, Swarlos, Swarles Barkley, and Swarhili.

I am also thrilled to be going on a roadtrip to Portland in only a few short days. If any of you want something from Powell's just let me know and I'll pick it up for you.