Monday, March 30, 2009

It was only a matter of time

It finally happened, just as I knew it someday would -someone mistook me for being pregnant (which I am not) and I was forced to say, "nope, not pregnant, I'm just obese." So really this day has nowhere to go but up.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stache Bash '09

I managed to stretch the birthday to almost a week. Friday was the mustache goodness, Saturday we ate at the hospital cafe with the family and then went to see the Thrillionaires, a long-form improv comedy group. The first half they put on a play.The second half was a musical. Both were impressive. Sunday we had Sunday dinner with the family. Monday was my actual birthday and it was fairly crappy- my documentary got torn to shreds in class and no packages came. But Tuesday we went to the movies and Burgers Supreme with Uffish and yesterday my package from home came as well as Optimistic.'s gift. All in all a good haul this year. I received:

-A book entitled "How to traumatize Your Children" from Bony M. It's a self hurt book and is very funny.
-"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs", "Squids Will Be Squids", a Target Gift card and goldfish crackers from Optimistic.'s family. I poured goldfish into my mouth straight from the carton while reading Cloudy
-"The Mysterious Benedict Society" from Whistler. I got this on Friday and spent all my spare moments Saturday and Sunday reading it. It was delightful.
-Potato Head Pals from the Swisses. They're shaped like a carrot, an ear of corn, and a regular potato. I hope to play with them in church and make all the children jealous.
-Hercules and Anastasia from M-Lite and Spinelli. I immediately watched Anastasia on Saturday morning.
-A Wendy's gift card from my classmate R -put to good use on Monday. Mmmm... homestyle chicken go wraps.
-Two very nice cards from my Grandparents Draft and Optimistic.'s Grandparents in Orem, both very thoughtfully containing money prizes.
-Goldfish crackers from my VTee N -cheddar and pizza flavored and also basketball themed
-Kosher baby dill pickles and Pez from my other VTee W
-Icecream Larry and The Hotel Larry by Daniel Manus Pinkwater from Optimistic., which will add nicely to my growing collection of children's book. My only dilemma in owning all these books is that I have no desire to let children get their hands on them. Children are sticky. Children color on books and tear pages. Children are destructive vandals so they had better get their own copy someday.
-My birthday box from home contained paper cups with animal noses on them, Tikki Tikki Tembo, Tangerine, a very nice spill-proof water bottle that I'm drinking from at this very moment, Hercules (which I will need to return), A Diary of a Whimpy Kid, a $50 gift card, comics from The Oregonian, and a fibromyalgia cookbook that's on its way.
-I also received a voice mail from M-Lite that said "Happy Birthday" in a throaty drawn out whisper.Bless her.