Monday, February 01, 2010

Pal, you got that moisture on your head.

Today in screenwriting we were supposed to watch a movie and take notes on its structure, and I was fine with that until it started playing and I realized it was Groundhog Day. I may have mentioned before my fanatical need to preserve tradition? I could not sit there and watch Groundhog Day, because that would be sacrilege. I have to watch it on Groundhog Day, which is tomorrow. I also need to have a root beer float, and seeing as how it didn't look like my professor was ready to hand any out I decided to leave, because that, and a few other Groundhog Day-watching requirements just weren't being met.

My requirements:
1. It needs to be watched on Groundhog Day, preferably with family.
2. There will be root beer floats. Several of them. To be consumed by me.
3. I need to see the previews I grew up watching . The 1993 previews aren't on the DVD version, so I own it on VHS as well. It's just not the same without Mr. Jones, The Pickle, and El Mariachi.
4. I need to be able to talk during the movie, which I can't do in a room full of students. Why the need to talk? So I can imitate the sound Ned Ryerson makes that sounds like a cat purring underwater.
5. I need to dance to the weatherman song that plays as the end credits roll. Once again, not possible in a room full of my peers.

So, I'll be taking notes on the film's structure when I watch it tomorrow night, but that's okay, just so long as I get my root beer float and can say all the lines along with the movie.